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Devine, Magenta
, United Kingdom

Devine, Magenta
, United Kingdom

Magenta Devine is a well-known and respected radio and television personality based in the United Kingdom. Her earliest programs, the award winning "Network 7," and BBC TV series "Reportage," covered current affairs, popular culture, the arts and media in a way that was new to British television; their editorial approach was journalistic without being dull; their visual style broke all television conventions. Ms. Devine then broadened her scope and audience with arts and culture programs like "O1" and "Style Cafe." The latter was a popular European Business Network production in which Ms. Devine covered cinema, theatre, fashion, music, comedy and opera.

It was, however, BBC 2's award-winning and often imitated travel program, "Rough Guide," that literally and figuratively put Ms. Divine on the international map. The show has been sold around the world to channels in Europe, South Africa, Australia, Saudi Arabia and to 300 stations across the United States. Over the past ten years, "Rough Guide" has become widely acclaimed by both critics and viewers for its original approach to foreign travel. As presenter and writer, Ms. Devine is responsible for the show's unique perspective, critical attitude, and innovative visual and editorial style.

Ms. Devine is an expert in researching, producing, scripting, and presenting taped items, live interviews and debates on both radio and television; skills critical to her position with BBC Radio 5 Live's weekly topical magazine and current affairs show.

Ms. Devine volunteers her time and talent to two other organizations concerned with human rights, Interact Worldwide and Amnesty International.

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