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Biolek, Dr. Alfred
, Germany

Biolek, Dr. Alfred
, Germany

“All possible measures have to be taken immediately when such acute global problems as the AIDS pandemic are concerned.” -- Alfred Biolek


Since joining Germany’s television industry in 1963, Mr. Biolek rose to become one of its most prominent personalities. Since 1994, he has moderated and produced weekly television general interest programmes, “alfredissimo - Kochen mit Bio”, and “Boulevard bio”, the latter of which has been the most popular discussion programme in Germany for 10 years. As UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador, Mr. Biolek advocates for the rights of young people to adequate reproductive education and health care. He works with the German Foundation for World Population, widely known by its abbreviation, DSW (Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung).


January 2005. Alfred Biolek traveled to Cambodia to observe the impact of HIV/AIDS on children in that country. He was accompanied by three German journalists and Beijing TV.

13 August 2004. Germany's Government 'Called to Account'

November 2003. Dr. Alfred Biolek visited UNFPA- and DSW-supported youth HIV/AIDS education projects in Kenya. The trip attracted great interest from the German media.

31 October 2003. UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador Wins Germany's Highest Honour

24 June 2002. UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador Wins Funds for Youth Projects

20 January 2001. German Goodwill Ambassador Discusses Adolescents' Reproductive Health Needs


Unwanted pregnancies, HIV/AIDS



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