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Face to Face International was a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization created to help build awareness of and support for conditions and services that allow women and girls everywhere to exercise their basic human rights. These rights include: freedom from discrimination and violence; the right to be treated equally to men; and the right to education, health care, employment, equity and political representation.

Enlisting the aid of 23 international celebrities and as many population and development-oriented NGOs (non-governmental organizations) worldwide, the Face-to-Face campaign raised millions of dollars in advocacy support and generated more international media coverage and public awareness of a variety of women's issues in three years than was generated in the 30 years prior to the Face to Face campaign combined.

Face to Face ceased formal operations in 2010 when, after almost 10 years of advocacy work, the management decided to focus on generating income and equity opportunities for low-income women. At that point, the leadership of Face to Face International reorganized as Options for Life, LLC.

Visit http://optionssenegal.wordpress.com to see how Options for Life is working on behalf of women today.



People making
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Magdalina Valtchanova fights forced prostitution

Michael Cory Davis fights sex trafficking

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